An update from Pastor Ben on our discipleship survey from earlier this year and where we go from here as a church. Our Goals This past February, at our Vision Sunday Service, we prayerfully laid out two church-wide goals, to guide us over the next 3-5 years. Both goals are
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A Challenge to NSCBC In our sermon this week from Will Cottrell we heard the challenge to be people who reach across the divide and make bridges with people who are not like us. In Luke 19, Zaccheus was a despised and a hated outsider, but Jesus went to Zaccheus, invited
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Answer to prayer Since September we have been praying at NSCBC alongside 6 other churches in the North Shore Gospel Partnership for God to work powerfully in the Foster care system on the North Shore. We have prayed for children in the system, for the DCF staff, for new and
The Bible is a life-changing text. It’s through the Bible that we learn the heart and character of God, the nature of humanity, and the work of Jesus Christ to reconcile the two. Yet, we often leave reading the Bible with others to be done through a program or class.
What’s The Fuss? “What’s the big fuss about baptism?” a friend asked me recently. “After all, I’m saved because of my faith in Jesus, not because I’ve gotten baptized.” It was a great question, and he was absolutely right. We’re saved “by grace alone, through faith alone”, and not by
The following is a letter from Curtis and Joanne Ersing to our church family, expressing thanks and sharing with us how God has continued to minister to them in this past very difficult year. A letter to our church Dear Church Family of NSCBC, Curtis and I would like to thank
On Sunday 27th January 2019 the church celebrated the ordination of Pastor Ben Friedman. As part of this service Ben’s first Christian mentor and college track coach, Gary Cramer, gave a challenging charge to him. We’re sharing this message on the blog because we think that this charge is both
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In our current sermon series, we are breaking down our definition of a disciple to consider what it really means to be a follower of Jesus. A disciple is someone who is created by the gospel to learn Christ and lead others to do the same, by the power of